Morning Coffee Extension

Morning Coffee Extension 1.33

Organize your daily web readings


  • Handy organization for daily web readings


  • You can't use your morning coffees as homepage (yet)

Very good

You probably visit the same websites every day, when you turn on your PC. It's some sort of ritual, like having a strong, delicious cup of coffee every morning. So what not mixing both things together?

Morning Coffee is a Firefox extension with which you can easily organize those routine web readings. In a way it works as a folder in the bookmarks toolbar, because it can open several tabs simultaneously. But the main difference is that these tabs can be configured according to the day of the week. So you can, for example, include some Internet blogs in your Morning Coffee for weekdays, and then add videogame magazines and personal websites for the weekend Morning Coffee.

The only thing I missed was having the possibility to open these tasty morning coffees right upon starting the browser, as a homepage. However it looks like they're working on this feature to implement it in later versions.

A helpful extension to manage websites you visit on a daily basis

The Morning Coffee extension keeps track of daily routine websites and opens them in tabs.

This extension lets you organize websites by day and open them up simultaneously as part of your daily routine. This is really handy if you read sites that update on a regular schedule (like webcomics, weekly columns, etc.).

Potential future updates include:

  • bookmark folder integration
  • separating lists by time (so you can have a morning/afternoon list for a day, for example)

Morning Coffee Extension


Morning Coffee Extension 1.33

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